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Since 2001 Protecmail provides various services to ensure an optimal and secure use of your email services.

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SMTP Firewall

Illegitimate connections are blocked upstream of your server.

Our service analyzes each SMTP transaction to detect abnormal behavior that is indicative of spamming or virus spreading campaigns. If a connection is deemed illegitimate it is blocked and will not send illegitimate mails to your mailboxes.

Antivirus and antispam

Mails are classified to exclude viruses and spam.

Each email is analyzed by our scanner using several classication techniques. At the end of this analysis, the scanner is able to determine if a mail is illegitimate (spam, phishing, virus ...) or not with a success rate of the order of 98%.


Illegal mails are quarantined.

As efficient as a scanner may be, it will always commit classification errors. It is inconceivable that you lose an important email because it would have been wrongly classified as illegal, that's why we put all the classified mails as illegitimate in quarantine (except for the subscription "Free" where the illegitimate mails are marked and then transmitted).


We keep your mails waiting in case of unavailability of your services.

In the event that your mail service will be unreachable, the mails that are intended for it will be kept on our platform. As soon as your services are resumed, we will send you pending emails.

Easy setup

Enable domain protection in less than 5 minutes.

Once your domain is added to our service, you will need a simple DNS change to enable filtering. No modification is necessary on the users side or on your mail server.

Monthly rates

Protecting your email should not be a luxury.

Our experience has allowed us over time to optimize our costs without ever   reduce our efficiency. Today we are able to offer you the best rates to ensure the protection of your email services.
The reference price is the one given in Euro (€), the price in dollars is possible from vary according to exchange rate fluctuations.
$ ${[currency.value]}
  • 1 domain
  • 20 addresses
  • 6 000 filtering tokens[1]
  • Quarantine
  • API
$ ${plans.personal[currency.value]}
  • 1 domain
  • 100 addresses
  • 15 000 filtering tokens
  • Quarantine
  • API
$ ${plans.professional[currency.value]}
  • 100 domains
  • unlimited addresses
  • 35 000 filtering tokens
  • Quarantine
  • API
$ ${[currency.value]}
  • unlimited domains
  • unlimited addresses
  • 150 000 filtering tokens[1]
  • Quarantine
  • API
[1] for each mail filtered a token is taken. If the monthly fee is not enough you can buy other token at the rate of $ ${plans.token[currency.value]} HT for 10 000 tokens. Tokens not consumed are carried over to the next month.